Modular powertrains for sustainable, urban transportation

Engineering meets Lifestyle

Unlimited Engineering’s team of longboard riders, mountain bikers and hardcore skaters came together to create a solid product they knew would change the way people move in today’s urban landscape. Their modular Kits convert ANY board to electric while adapting to your needs, not the other way around. Designed in Barcelona, one of the top 10 smart cities in the world, the incredible lifestyle and community energy has given them the platform to make their vision a reality.

Hi, my name is Carlos Kubler, I’m from a Unlimited Engineering we are company based in Barcelona and we build modular power trains for sustainable transportation, so in essence we build the design engineer manufacture market and sell power trains to convert any skateboard into a powerful electric skateboard that is also a vehicle for city transportation, our main markets are actually young college students in Germany.

So, we have little people on the ground little access to real knowledge of this German market and thus we decided to become a part of TELANTO, where we would have access to incredibly knowledgeable and excited students that form a part of our team and give us that market insight and give us that on-the-ground knowledge that we would require to enter the German market and dominated with our product.

The challenge we set up for the TELANTO teams consists of a market research and launch strategy for our products in the German-speaking markets, so Germany Austria and Switzerland, and the teams actually came back with amazing results. Not only do they provide extremely accurate and detailed insights into this markets how we launch our campaigns and how would invest our money to get the most ROI out of them, but they also provided a personal contact and we were able to get deep insights into these users and into who would be our main use cases in Germany and how they would they would be using our product in that sense they even surpassed our expectations we were expecting a analytical approach but we’ve got so much more.

“The students surpassed our expectations by delivering well beyond an analytical approach, true and valuable insights for an untapped market.” 

Carlos Kübler



About Unlimited Engineering

Unlimited Engineering (UE) is a successful Barcelona-based start-up with an interesting track record in its young history. The modular powertrains attach easily to skateboards, bikes and other urban transportation vehicles. 

With the biggest target market in Germany, however little to non resources in the field, UE turned to TELANTO to tap into the dynamic network of universities and respective students to tackle their challenges related to entering the market, designing campaigns and investing with a strong RoI.

Carlos Kübler, Co-Founder of Unlimited Engineering explains more about the company, their challenges and his surprise about the impact and value the collaboration with students bear.

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