Market Entry Strategy and Business Model for Europe

The challenge

Autobooker was looking into mid-term European expansion opportunities and were considering Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, UK and Ireland as possible countries where they could expand in the following years. In addition they wanted to validate if the current business model, B2B2C, was the correct one to enter into these new markets, or whether B2C was a better approach.

Hi, my name is Detlef Hoffman I’m with and I would like to give you a quick overview of how we have been working together with the university’s via a very good platform named TELANTO. Now, is a B2B car rental engine. We’ve launched our product in 2016 and the product and price comparison car rental engine for travel websites that is online travel agencies airlines hotels and other players in the tourism sector. We have been launching it pretty successfully in the German-speaking markets and also subsequently at the end of last year in the Benelux market which is Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Now, this year in 2017, we were thinking of expanding into other European markets but we weren’t pretty sure into which ones. So, that’s why at the time I was contacted by a platform an organization called TELANTO, TELANTO now offers a lot of students and the universities around the world to carry out so-called corporate and business challenges for companies for private sector companies. So, what I did at that time was the end of last year beginning of this year I formulated a so-called corporate challenge which is an action plan, a questionnaire, a project description of what we’d like to know what we’d like to achieve as a company In the end there was a University in Berlin called SRH University and Industry university a masterclass was six students’ international students three from Italy two from India and one more region accompanied by a very excited and knowledgeable professor who organized the whole project at the university.

So, in April this year there was a kickoff event where I introduced our company and the challenges to the students and the professor. Then a lot of conversation and emails in conference calls and phone calls went on there was a mid- meeting in May and the final presentation the final results were presented at the beginning of July by different students where every single students took one market analyzed it and there was a comparison made at the end and the best opportunities turned out and were recommended to us for expansion in 2018.

Now, will follow the recommendation regarding the market and we will enter in to Scandinavian markets next year but we are not sure we are still evaluating if we will go B2B or B2C. We will keep you updated and we will keep you in the loop about the progress and thank you very much.

The Global Academic Business Network

TELANTOs cloud solution allowed Autobooker to know where they should expand and with which business model should they continue. How? TELANTOs platform allows companies to post their real business challenges so students can solve them providing with innovative and fresh new solutions


Gathering and condensing socio-demographics data, online & offline travel agencies market shares, online payment methods, types of travel and competitive environment resulted in a strategic guidance document for Two geographies in Europe were identified, where sales expectations and other strategic considerations were most favourable. Furthermore the current B2B2C business model continued to project the best market acceptance given the current industry structure.

“With TELANTO’s cloud solution I can challenge young talents worldwide with sophisticated R&D projects and this way I can get to know them intensively and keep in touch for potential hirings after their studies. An enormous advantage in these fast-paced markets.”

Detlef Hoffmann

Managing Director


About is a powerful car rental product & price comparison internet booking engine (IBE) for leisure travel, designed and created by product specialist from the car rental industry. With more than 25 years of experience operating in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Benelux countries, Autobooker works closely with leading car rental companies, online travel agencies and car rental brokers, providing a platform that can be integrated easily within any travel website. The company stands for a new way of looking into car rental business: higher shopping cart sales per booking and more focus to transparency.

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