We understand our partners and their needs to manage a multitude of challenges in a one-to-few or one-to-many constellation to leverage the power of the Academic Business Network to the best extent. A subscription to the TELANTO platform is therefore the best way for challenge sponsors to collaborate with multiple teams on single challenges at one time or at subsequent times without having to look for budget for every single engagement

Unlimited challenges

Manage an unlimited number of challenges with your subscription and take advantage of a full access to all academic partners and collaboration opportunities without any boundaries.

Easy payments

Get direct access to the network by payment with your credit card or via paypal. Alternatively request a statement of work to manage your internal purchase order procedure

Unlimited team engagements

Engage with as many student teams on your challenges as you see the best fit. Some challenges may be better tackled from many teams in different geographies, while others may require a single distinct group of student in a specific location

Transparent fees

Calculate your subscription fees by using the subscription finder below and add the number of user subscription and add additional services, such as enablement and challenge coaching to make the most out of your subscription and commitment

Choose your TELANTO subscription

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Frequently asked questions

All user subscriptions grant total access to all collaboration possibilities (no premium space) in an unlimited fashion to publish challenges and engage unlimited teams free of additional charges.

“Team”, “Enterprise” and “Enterprise Plus” users enjoy additional features and functionalities, offered to increase managerial functionality over greater number of collaborations.

There are no other financial commitments required to take full advantage of the Academic Business Network. Companies deciding to make additional contributions to the university, the student team or other related individuals is completely outside of pre-determined frameworks of engagement and need to be handled as such. In the case, that additional financial contributions shall be part of a future engagements, it will be always explicit and with the agreement of all parties involved.

The latest Terms & Conditions for academic and industry partners can be consulted here:

Additional legal agreements prior to a collaboration, complementary or of overruling nature of the standard terms can be introduced directly between the signing parties. TELANTO can support the authentication of such on request.

We choose not to invoice any hiring fees for companies, deciding to hire students as a result of prior challenge collaborations.

We will be happy to do so and discuss with you the options to your disposal. Also see: “Do I need Challenge Coaching”

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