Future of Work 2025

The challenge

Growing revenues and a positive business outlook drives the need and hiring for additional employees. In sight of changing work-models, a smart approach to offer employees office space and possibilities to flexibly use facilities or their home office was required. Somfy needed to build visibility on board level for the “Arbeitswelt 2025” (Future of work 2025) project and required analytical insights particularly regarding the social implications, technical feasibility and others, for employees working from home.

The Global Academic Business Network

A team of international communications and business management Bachelors & Masters worked on a visibility study to provide an outside-in view for the board to consider the multitude of aspects originating from a remote workforce, including social implications, system-/IT and security requirements, etc. Given the remote / virtual collaboration setup of TELANTO and respective teams of students, This collaboration was a pilot in itself, giving an additional benefit and proof of the validity of such work conditions.


The collaboration with the team of student was very good. The produced visibility study as part of Somfy’s “Arbeitswelt 2025” challenge supported a board decision for the implementation of internal task forces, starting to tackle the system-/IT-/security requirements as well as a home office pilot with 20 employees challenging a social behaviour framework.

“The virtually managed collaboration with a team of students was the perfect way of tackling Somfy’s “Arbeitswelt 2025” (Future of work 2025) challenge. The productive engagement resulted in an important visibility study, that marked the starting point for many new initiatives for Somfy as an innovative employer.”

Carlo Sprenger

Head of Human Resources


About Somfy

With over 40 years of innovation Somfy holds over 450 active patents with constant development of new products and technologies that reshape the industry bringing new levels of convenience, comfort, security and energy savings to end users. Somfy owns a vast range and breadth of products, such as battery powered, solar powered, hardwired (both low and high voltage), most torque range from 1Nm to 100 Nm (12 – 500 lbs lifting capacity), strongest quietest motors on market, intelligent Motors, sensors and timers


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