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TELANTO is a technology startup based out of Barcelona, Spain operating a global network of university and industry partners. Lead by the founders Christian Acosta-Flamma and Timo Kerzel, TELANTO is on a mission to disrupt the traditional forms of university-industry collaboration and change the face of recruiting. TELANTO has provided innovative answers to companies problems since founded in 2015. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Universities and Industry to promote healthy collaboration. By connecting students to real-world problems, education is improved with action learning and companies find innovative answers that would otherwise be unavailable. TELANTO joins industry and academia in a manner that has never been seen before. TELANTO brings unparalleled innovation. A new impact is created by TELANTO.


Through strategic marketing and publishing TELANTO grows to collaborate with more than 500 Universities. With the help of the universities and many Fortune 500 clients from every industry, TELANTO becomes a leader in its field. Connecting university students to R&D in pharma, chemical, consulting, and HighTech has lead to unprecedented innovation. TELANTO is now seeing a tangible change in the world, recognizing the impact made on education and innovation.

SAP introduces TELANTO into their Partners Benefit Catalogue , so SAP partners can use TELANTO at a subsidized price. Involvement in the SAP catalogue promises future growth of the Academic-Business Cloud which will provide consistent involvement and, therefore, improvement. Joining the catalogue proves market validation.

With the help of GASME and Hefei University, TELANTO gains traction in China. Roots in Asia allows TELANTO to span over many cultures and innovate with many ideas. Our determination to grow the Academic business network continues today, gaining more partners daily. With each passing moment, TELANTO revolutionizes talent sourcing and education.

The idea of constructing a global Academic-Business Network became a reality. After covering the European Union to a large extent, working with over 250 Universities and 150 Industry Partners, TELANTO pushes into the United States.

We continue our dedication to improving the clients experience in the software suite and the current TELANTO software is released in a major technology update. TELANTO is one of ten Catalan companies invited to Techcrunch Disrupt San Francisco as a result, making a big appearance in the United States. Additionally, Challenge Coaching is introduced to improve customer experience. This aspect helps new members create challenges – or calls for challenges – more appealing and effective.

The business model is shifted to a subscription based service to help companies solve more problems. Previously, the model allowed a company to give one challenge to one team. The shift gave companies more power by allowing the to present an unlimited amount of challenges to multiple teams for a yearly fee.

With a more user friendly model and rapid expansion, TELANTO could not be ignored.

Still the early days of TELANTO. Collaboration with ~25 universities attracted the first start-ups and SMEs to join the ABN, also leading to our first Fortune 500 clients. Still, much of our focus was dedicated to establishing market validation. The early clients of TELANTO allowed us to establish a strong base and provided more market validation. The next step was to enhance our clients experience. We dedicated resources to developing the technology in-house, improving and adapting the platform to the customers’ needs. The ultimate goal was to expand the network, knowing including more university and industry partners was the best way to improve the Academic-Business network. The pursuit of constructing a global network began.

The beginning of TELANTO. Christian and Timo recognized the disconnect between talent strategy and innovation strategy within organizations. They wanted to bridge this gap. To do so, the pair developed a software suite businesses could use to detect and develop talent within an organization at the hand of top-down as well as bottom-up challenges. This software’s purpose was to capture the competencies or the current workforce and to increase the innovation potential of organizations by making strategic decisions about learning, development hiring and outsourcing. 

Coincidentally, the cloud-solution software was introduced with an academic context, more specifically we were asked to tweak the existing processes to support an Action Learning program at ESADE Business School in Barcelona and to help connect 12 teams of 75 international MBA students to challenges worldwide. This initial collaboration gave birth to the idea and further investigate the business viability of such application. After further collaborations with professors, companies, and students, the Academic-Business Network (ABN) was born.

The Idea​

The idea behind TELANTO is to connect the business world to academia through challenges. Companies present challenge to professors who then integrate this into their syllabus. Students solve these challenges and propose real world solutions for the challenge sponsor. We see the potential of University-Industry collaboration and have created a digital platform to support this. Challenge-Based learning benefits students development and allows companies to harness the potential of innovative talent. Benefiting students, universities, and businesses, TELANTO plans to revolutionize education and talent sourcing.

The Network

The Academic-Business Network is a venue for cloud based solutions. This Network is a digital software suite where companies can interact with universities in pursuits of innovative solutions. The platform allows Managers to supervise and interact with multiple teams of students working on challenges. This international collaboration allows for managers to direct their teams to desired innovative solutions while preparing students for real world challenges.


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