The Academic Business Cloud is TELANTO’s cloud-based technology backbone of the Global Academic Business Network. This platform enables university-industry collaboration to scale in a global context. Organizations small and large create their single hub for challenge-based activities with academia and for strategic employer branding & talent acquisition for post-graduate hires

How it works

Create and submit industry challenges in a structured fashion on the Academic Business Network. Oversee all on-going challenge collaborations with universities anywhere on the globe, check the progress, supervise student and keep connected with professors. Furthermore find communication threads, documents, solution proposals and evaluated student competencies in  a single spot.

How it works

Create and submit industry challenges in a structured fashion on the Academic Business Network. Oversee all on-going challenge collaborations with universities anywhere on the globe, check the progress, supervise student and keep connected with professors. Furthermore find communication threads, documents, solution proposals and evaluated student competencies in  a single spot.

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Standard Subscription

The Standard user subscriptions allow from three standard users (on industry partner side, professors and students do not count as standard users) to access the Global Academic Business Network to manage an unlimited number of challenges and student team collaborations. It also provides the possibility to co-manage challenges among the standard users.

The Standard user subscriptions are the basis to work within the Academic Business Network and can be complemented with additional Enablement and Challenge Coaching services. See further below. The usage with the standard user subscriptions ONLY (without complementary services), is predominantly designed for seasoned challenges sponsors, with experience in:
  • digital and traditional university-industry collaborations

  • in a local as well as international setup

  • With multiple challenges being worked on by single or multiple teams from one or several universities (in potentially different time zones).

Challenge Coaching

Challenge-based collaboration in an academic context is a dynamic undertaking. Numerous variables determine a successful collaboration and valuable solution proposal outputs. The coaching is specific to concrete challenges and particularly helpful for:

  • First-time challenge sponsors, are looking to make the first collaborations a great case to continue leveraging the entire Academic Business Network to source innovative solution proposals and get to know talented students.
  • Seasoned challenges sponsors, working in a traditional university-industry collaboration setup, looking to increase the impact from academic engagements in a global and scaled context.
  • Leaders & CXOs, want to engage top-tear students on global challenges, where the day-by-day needs to happen without

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Build up your
challenge repository

Start to create and manage your own, departmental or organizational challenges in one spot

  • Only takes a few minutes
  • Visible to all subscribed users
  • Store detailed information and knowledge

Your challenge repository is your folder for all your challenges. Your challenge repository contains all of challenges files, supporting material, solutions and university interactions.

Quick turnaround for simple and generic challenges, longer timelines for more complex challenges.

Your challenge repository comes with your annual user subscription. 

Select collaboration

Find and select the collaboration opportunities most suitable for your challenges. These “call for challenges” show important information like expected outputs, timings, etc.

  • Organized by categories
  • Organized by geographies
  • Configure your collaborations

You can either review some of our academic partners on the Academic Business Network marketplace and select the courses that you wish to engage with or subscribe to get access to full portfolio of collaboration opportunities.

Your challenges can either be published as Call For Solutions, a rather open way or specifically configured for call for challenges where you see fit and are interested in a collaboration.

With your annual business user subscription no additional costs per collaboration opportunity will occur, unless stated explicitly in the call for challenges. 

Collaborate with students
on your challenges

Help students understand the nature and core of your challenge and its objectives. Keep track on students progress and help clarify questions and with decision making over the course of the collaboration.

  • Collaborate with multiple student teams
  • Collaborate with multiple universities on same challenges
  • Get access to multi-disciplinary student teams

No, students will select their preferred challenges, which were pre-selected by their professor. 

In some call for challenges you compete against quite a number of challenges. Therefore, your challenges need to be innovative and interesting to get the attention form the students.

Yes, if your challenge does not fit into the call for challenges by the professor or if you do not comply with the student expectations.

Evaluate solution

Examine and evaluate final solution proposals in terms of innovation potential, viability and in respect of the set challenge objectives.

  • Review by individual
  • Review by team
  • Give feedback on your collaboration experience

As a final step students will give a final presentation on the solution proposals. Right after these final presentations you can support the responsible faculty member with your feedback & review.

Yes, your review will help the professor evaluate the different teams for final grades. The collaboration as well the provided solutions will be evaluated. 

Yes, employability is a big and important part of your collaboration with students.  You can mark and indicate individuals or entire teams with an employability badge.

Visualize student

Visualize and manage student competencies in the talent circles, enabling better talent acquisition decisions through validated competencies post challenge collaborations.

  • Build talent circles based on collaborations
  • Circles by field of studies
  • Circles by geography or university

No, you can only add students to your circles if you have collaborated with on any of your challenges.

Yes, you could link your job vacancy databas with our talent circles for quick decision making.

Yes, talent circles can shared internally with HR and LoBs users to make hiring decisions.


Whether you wish to just access the Academic Business Network or deploy the Academic Business Cloud as part of your IT infrastructure we offer simple and straightforward subscription options. 

Unilmited challengES

Manage an unlimited number of challenges with your subscription and take advantage of a full access to all academic partners and collaboration opportunities without any boundaries.

Easy payments

Get direct access to the network by payment with your credit card or via paypal. Alternatively request a statement of work to manage your internal purchase order procedure

Unlimited team engagements

Engage with as many student teams on your challenges as you see the best fit. Some challenges may be better tackled from many teams in different geographies, while others may require a single distinct group of student in a specific location

Transparent fees

Calculate your subscription fees by using the subscription finder below and add the number of user subscription and add additional services, such as enablement and challenge coaching to make the most out of your subscription and commitment


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