Christian Acosta-Flamma, PhD


Christian is the visionary and innovation leader behind TELANTO, spearheading the design of TELANTO’s market leading Academic Business Cloud solutions. After identifying a growing need amongst universities to switch their conventional teaching practices towards digital action learning and allowing organizations instant access to a global talent pool of students to leverage remarkably new ways of Open Innovation, Employer Branding and Recruiting Practices. Christian is overseeing the strategic direction of TELANTO and playing a hands-on role in bringing innovative products to market, while being instrumental in ensuring that TELANTO’s solution portfolio maintains its cutting-edge status in the fast-growing EdTech and HCM industry. 



+34 722 226 663


Timo Kerzel


Timo counts on a +15 year track record in global marketing, business development and business operations in various companies including SAP. He holds Business Administration Degrees from IESE Business School, Barcelona and the School of Management & Innovation (Steinbeis) in Berlin. Certified as a Design Thinking Coach from HPI in Potsdam, he is passionate about customer and user centric solutions, creating true value for TELANTO’s Academic Business Network Community.


+34 622 720 888


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