New Product Development + Design Thinking

A team of international business and technology management Bachelors worked on a “new product development” challenge for the oral hygiene of millennial target segments using the Design Thinking methodology. This extracurricular course did not only expose teams of multidisciplinary students to a new methodology, but also to a real-world challenge of a leading pharmaceutical company. Final prototype outputs, were part of the original scope of the activity from the academic supervisor. 

Speaker 1: My name is Ralf Wiedemann and I am responsible for the R&D team of a leading Spanish healthcare company. So we went to see the University with our needs for new innovation to get the view of millennials of this time and how they do their health routine, in that specific case, it was oral care and we wanted to see how they approach these kind of problems asking people of their age seeing what is motivating people of this age to do their horror hygiene and it has been very interesting to see how they analyze the market and with which ideas they came up to solve these problems.

Speaker 2: I’m Chris, I’m the director of management of Business and Technology program here in LaSalle Campus Barcelona and as part of our program we was trying to innovate looking for to participate in developing new experiences for our students that provided added value in not just energy but kind of academic education terms but also in developing their personal skills there. Their abilities in their professional profiles as students but they also assumed to be graduates and entering into their world of work. So, incorporating challenges into our classroom has been a great opportunity for us to work with real companies and put students in a situation where they have to work on real problems and come up with solutions which are not only creative, but also feasible viable and together the perceived experience was very positive and the entire learning, the overall learning experience of our students and me also as the professor that helped the students through the process and we learn a huge amount about a company that’s trying to target Millennials and the generation Z, move from his existing markets and an open up new markets through new products and we interview nearly a hundred customers or users of Lacer’s products or their competitions products we put in front of the students we said no “you have to jump over that barrier be creative” and they certainly were they came up with lots of really interesting ideas and then they had to converge and say okay which of these ideas would we like to take to the next stage which would be prototyping.

Speaker 1: We will continue use the results and hopefully one day some innovation will come up that we will bring to the marketplace.

Now, this year in 2017, we were thinking of expanding into other European markets but we weren’t pretty sure into which ones. So, that’s why at the time I was contacted by a platform an organization called TELANTO, TELANTO now offers a lot of students and the universities around the world to carry out so-called corporate and business challenges for companies for private sector companies. So, what I did at that time was the end of last year beginning of this year I formulated a so-called corporate challenge which is an action plan, a questionnaire, a project description of what we’d like to know what we’d like to achieve as a company In the end there was a University in Berlin called SRH University and Industry university a masterclass was six students’ international students three from Italy two from India and one more region accompanied by a very excited and knowledgeable professor who organized the whole project at the university.

So, in April this year there was a kickoff event where I introduced our company and the challenges to the students and the professor. Then a lot of conversation and emails in conference calls and phone calls went on there was a mid- meeting in May and the final presentation the final results were presented at the beginning of July by different students where every single students took one market analyzed it and there was a comparison made at the end and the best opportunities turned out and were recommended to us for expansion in 2018.

Now, will follow the recommendation regarding the market and we will enter in to Scandinavian markets next year but we are not sure we are still evaluating if we will go B2B or B2C. We will keep you updated and we will keep you in the loop about the progress and thank you very much.

“We went to see the university with our needs for innovation to get a view from millennial students. It has been interesting to see how they analysed the market and with which ideas they came up with to solve problems.” 


Dr. Ralf Wiedemann

Director R&D


About Lacer

LACER, S.A. is a Spanish company with an international scope that specializes in human healthcare. Our head offices are in Barcelona and our industrial facilities are located on the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès industrial estate in the town of Cerdanyola.

Our extensive field of action covers the pharmaceutical industry and includes the healthcare and personal-care sectors.

LACER’s cardiovascular products are the market leaders in Spain.

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