What about confidentiality?2018-03-08T09:20:32+00:00

Your information around challenges, collaboration and outputs is kept strictly confidential. While we use your company information and most likely logo and/or trademarks to present you to the academic partners, no third-party, which is not directly involved in the collaboration will never be granted access to sensitive information. As part of the Terms of use, all students agree to the confidentiality clause, when they log in to the network for the first time. Some of our clients choose to address confidentiality in a separate document.

I need to have certainty about any Intellectual and Industrial Rights originating from a collaboration!2018-03-08T09:21:00+00:00

The standard Terms & Conditions as well as the Terms of Use foresee, that students cede their IP-rights in favour of the company, when the company contributes to the resolution of the challenges, in terms of providing non-publicly available information, research, analysis, etc. and contribute otherwise with internal resources. A full reading of the Terms & Conditions is made available here: https://telanto.com/telanto-terms-conditions/

How does the engagement model and collaboration work?2018-03-08T09:21:18+00:00

Our role-based platform structures and standardises the process in a simple and intuitive manner with a number of key interaction points, such as the kick-off, mid-term touch points and final presentation. The figure below illustrates the process with the three key roles, being the Challenge Sponsor (CS), Professor and the Student.

Is there any academic supervision of the students working on my challenges?2018-03-08T09:21:31+00:00

All collaborations promoted on the Academic Business Network are part of curricular or academically supervised extracurricular activities. For the greater part of the collaborations the challenges are worked on as part of the academic program of a specific course in a bachelor, master or MBA degree, so students’ performance is in direct correlation to the achievement of course credits and grades.

What is the typical collaboration period with teams of students?2018-03-08T09:21:45+00:00

Average collaboration periods take 75 days from kick-off to final presentation. New intense formats with shorter periods are currently experimented with to understand the quality and validity of potential solution outputs.

How much of my time is required to make a collaboration successful?2018-03-08T09:21:58+00:00

Half an hour every five to ten days are the standard reports we get from our customers in the higher satisfaction percentiles. Most of the time is required in the preparation, alignment and initial collaboration phase of the challenges.

Do I need to be at the university at some point in time during the engagement?2018-03-08T09:22:16+00:00

The Academic Business Network is a global undertaking with collaborations spanning even continents. >95% of the collaborations today, already happen completely by the means of the platform, web conferencing, etc. Even where proximity would allow onsite visits, we experience a decreasing uptake of those possibilities, whereas we neither promote, nor inhibit personal interaction.

What is the unique value proposition of TELANTO compared to its competitors?2018-03-08T09:22:35+00:00

TELANTO is the sole service provider of a truly global network of universities and companies for university-industry collaboration. With its proprietary technology TELANTO provides novel processes for academia to manage industry relations and collaborations with ease and equally does so for companies with a need for more innovation and problem solving power in search for new ways to detect smart talents.

My company has already University Alliances, do I need TELANTO?2018-03-08T09:22:58+00:00

Traditional university alliances are focussed on research and/or short term hiring activities. While those have their certain rationale, TELANTO creates an unprecedented transparency for collaboration possibilities in a broad range of areas, degrees and geographies at any given time. Professionals, managers and leaders within organisations get the possibility to tap into teams of students around the world to start tackle their challenges within much shorter timeframes and practically without bureaucratic effort, than with traditional models.

What type of outcomes can I expect from students?2018-03-08T09:23:16+00:00

Most frequent outcomes of collaborations are:

  • Concepts, Analysis and qualitative research
  • Experimental results and scenario projections
  • Prototypes, clickable mockups, MVPs

All in the context of a given challenge, field of study and respective degree as well as experience of the students.

As part of every Call for Challenges from professors, you will be able to consult past and/or expected outcomes for the challenge sponsor to understand the fit of the collaboration opportunity to your challenges at hand.

Where can I consult other customers outcomes?2018-03-08T09:23:22+00:00

Our reference customers share their experience via customer stories and videos here: https://telanto.com/home/company/success-business/

Do I need Challenge Coaching?2018-03-08T09:23:26+00:00

While challenge coaching is a personal decision of every single industry user within the Academic Business Network, we have made out a pattern of users, which thrive better with challenge coaching, than without. Answer the following few questions to yourself:

  • Am I familiar with the dynamics and routines within today’s academic procedures
  • Have I collaborated with single students or teams of students in the last few years
  • Am I in touch with today’s students’ values and beliefs
  • Have I asked myself in how many ways I could scope my challenge to meet academic program objectives and still get lots of value from expected outcomes
  • I do not rely on my assistant to manage my agenda

If you have three “Yes’s” or more you should be fine, otherwise you should take a look at the scope of the challenge coaching here: https://telanto.com/pricing

What am I entitled to with an annual user subscription to the Academic Business Network?2018-03-08T09:23:30+00:00

All user subscriptions grant total access to all collaboration possibilities (no premium space) in an unlimited fashion to publish challenges and engage unlimited teams free of additional charges.

“Team”, “Enterprise” and “Enterprise Plus” users enjoy additional features and functionalities, offered to increase managerial functionality over greater number of collaborations.

What other financial commitments am I agreeing to?2018-03-08T09:23:37+00:00

There are no other financial commitments required to take full advantage of the Academic Business Network. Companies deciding to make additional contributions to the university, the student team or other related individuals is completely outside of pre-determined frameworks of engagement and need to be handled as such. In the case, that additional financial contributions shall be part of a future engagements, it will be always explicit and with the agreement of all parties involved.

Where can I consult the Terms & Conditions?2018-03-08T09:23:41+00:00

The latest Terms & Conditions for academic and industry partners can be consulted here: https://telanto.com/terms-conditions/

I need additional legal paperwork!2018-03-08T09:23:45+00:00

Additional legal agreements prior to a collaboration, complementary or of overruling nature of the standard terms can be introduced directly between the signing parties. TELANTO can support the authentication of such on request.

How long does it take TELANTO to find a match?2018-03-08T09:23:52+00:00

As collaborations are mostly part of academic programs and therefore subject to academic cycles (spring, summer, fall, winter), we inform subscribers of upcoming deadlines for challenge submission to make the cut for the next collaboration possibility. Through the global network on 5 continents the cycles start to overlap in an increasing fashion, leading to many collaboration possibility on many given subjects over the course of a year.

Can I hire students after the collaboration?2018-03-08T09:23:55+00:00

The school-to-work transition is an important indicator for universities, socio-economic consideration and so as well for TELANTO. The hiring of talented individuals, who have proven their capabilities and competencies during collaborations on challenges is a natural and desired result of the engagement. TELANTO is also providing specific features and functionalities for specific user profiles to manage the school-to-work transition for companies.

Is TELANTO invoicing me for hiring students2018-03-08T09:24:02+00:00

We choose not to invoice any hiring fees for companies, deciding to hire students as a result of prior challenge collaborations.

Can TELANTO help me get started?2018-03-08T09:24:06+00:00

We will be happy to do so and discuss with you the options to your disposal. Also see: “Do I need Challenge Coaching”

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