Our visionary team is pioneering digital ways of connecting company projects with students from all over the globe

Christian Acosta-Flamma, PhD


Former Vice-President of SAP, responsible among others to solution management HCM and mobile enterprise. He holds a Ph.D. from ESADE and has recently joined the future of Work Unit at ESADE as Visiting Professor. Christian is an International leader with a passion for technology, talents and innovation. A forward thinker with a strong understanding of cloud & mobile computing and its business benefits.

Timo Kerzel


Timo counts on a +15 year track record in global marketing, business development and business operations in various companies including SAP. He holds Business Administration Degrees from IESE Business School, Barcelona and the School of Management & Innovation (Steinbeis) in Berlin. Certified as a Design Thinking Coach from HPI in Potsdam, he is passionate about customer and user centric solutions, creating true value for TELANTO’s Academic Business Network Community.

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Board of Advisors


First supporter and challenger from idea inception to product. Keen believer and devils advocate pushing concept, boundaries and market execution.


Mark is managing partner of ITA Consulting GmbH and CEO of ITA Shipping GmbH in Hamburg. Board Advisor since July 2015.


Christof Damian is Technical Director at Devex in Barcelona. Board Advisor since July 2015.


Tobias is admitted lawyer in Germany and Spain for civil, commercial and tax law. Board Advisor since February 2016.

Academic Ambassador


Dr. Anabel Ternès is a professor, entrepreneur and serial founder. She leads the Institute for Sustainable Management (IISM) and holds a professorship in communications management and international business administration, majoring e-business.

Her focus is on digitalization, sustainable management and start-up education. Anabel Ternès volunteers for integration and education. As a social entrepreneur, she has founded Get Your Wings, is mentor by StartupTEENS, and an ambassador of various social organizations, such as Same Sky.

The CEO of a Company Builder supports start-ups with sustainable business models.

Anabel Ternès has many years of management experience in international companies, including Samsonite and Fielmann. Anabel Ternès holds a master in business administration, education and communication sciences.

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Academic Ambassador


Former ESADE Business School Professor – People Management & Organisation. Director Future of Work Chair. Published over 66 books for business and the academia. Paradigm breaker and highly solicited speaker on issues of work, culture reengineering or new leadership.

You will notice that I am a very curious person and thus involved in many project. I consider myself to be a modern DON Quijote, trying to impact the world to make it a better place. My arsenal to affect changes are my books, my innovative educational games, my software products, and of course my training of hundreds of graduate students (on the scholarly side) and executives and coaches on the more practical side.

I am convinced that an effective change agent needs to have three things: a concept, a methodology and a set of tools. Over the years I had attempted to work on these three areas.  I am blessed to engage in activities with talented collaborators, and I hope that by browsing through my web you can find an interest in one of the products or services that we are offering.  With all humbles, you will noticed that my wings spread over many continents and uses a platform of multiple languages.

Industry Ambassador


Josep Miquel Piqué is a Telecommunication Engineer from La Salle and UPC and MBA from ESADE. He holds also diplomas from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California-Berkeley and Universitat Ramon Llull.

He is the President of XPCAT (Catalan Network of Science Parks), Vice-President of APTE (Spanish Network of Science Parks) and member of the Advisory Board of IASP (International Association of Science Parks).

His long professional experience in university management has lead him to promote and lead Postgraduate Programs, Technology Transfer Centers, University Incubators and Innovation Science and Technology Parks. He has promoted several hybrid organizations taking the partnership model University-Industry-Public Administration. 

During his years at La Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull, as Director of the Innovation Park of La Salle Barcelona, he fostered the creation of technology-based companies, focusing particularly on the so-called Born Global Companies.

Alongside having published several papers in publications and congresses regarding the subject of Innovation Ecosystems, he has also participated in several international forums in Europe (Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy and UK), America (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA) and Asia (Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and China).

The central line of his activity is the promotion of Knowledge-based Economy and Society in order to consolidate the 22@Barcelona as a global reference of Knowledge Cities on Smart Cities.

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