Challenge-based collaboration in an academic context is a dynamic undertaking. Numerous variables determine a successful collaboration and valuable solution proposal outputs. While the role-based processes structure and standardise a step-by-step way throughout the procedure, the human interaction, the framing and re-framing of challenges as well as the proper execution of communication and collaboration routines are marking the difference between a good and great result. Get the team of first-time challenge sponsor through the TELANTO enablement sessions to learn best practices and practically employ challenge-based collaboration with academia


Challenge Framing &

Identification and definition of challenges in a complete, logic and academically attractive manner.


Course Guidance &
initial Logistics

Tap in the right courses and align expectations with the professor, while we manage the logistics around your challenge, course assignment and initial engagement with academic decision makers.


Setup Governance

Building a challenge related governance model for the ongoing alignment with the academic staff (professor).


Establish Modus

Establishing a solid modus operandi with student teams to ensure a fruitful collaboration over the course of the academic course engagement.

We enable challenge sponsors from all

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