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5 Reasons To Become A Student Brand Ambassador

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone hired by a company to promote their brand and endorse its product or service. Sounds simple, right? It is, and there aren’t any objectively unpleasant deeds hiding out in dark corners like there are in other part-time jobs for students. 

It’s far more personal than simply marketing for a company, so if you love meeting new people and networking, becoming a brand ambassador could be an ideal role for you.

But you don’t want to just endorse any company. Ideally, the brand should fit into the context of your present life in addition to helping you develop the skills you’ll need to develop professionally. 

That’s why becoming an ambassador for an education brand is so rewarding. Not only does it personally serve you, it also positions you as someone who can provide an authentic and transparent assessment of a product or service. Such companies are literally searching for you right now.

What does being a brand ambassador involve? It’s pretty simple, but let’s break it down anyways:

  1. Attract a customer’s attention. 
  2. Build a relationship with them. 
  3. Brainstorm all the ways in which the product you’re endorsing is going to help them.
  4. Then, show them how a particular product or service will help them meet a goal or benefit them in a specific way (one of the key things to note here is that you’re placing their needs at the center, rather than showing off shiny things).

These are highly transferable skills that you can’t get from any course, textbook, or lecture. One must have prolonged experience through a variety of interactions. As you do, confidence and skill build, and over time, you become an expert in business communication.

But there’s another facet to the role of brand ambassador that is probably the most significant one because it under-rides all the others:


Endorsing a brand is like being an influencer. You’re not only promoting a product or service, you’re an active user of it. That means you’re sharing your personal experience with it in a way that is informative, transparent, and emotional. 

Rather than acting like a salesperson, you’re being a reliable and trustworthy face of a brand. You’re providing an honest account of how a product or service supports your work, makes life more convenient, or any other number of benefits. The most important point is that you present yourself with your own unique worldview and set of opinions.   

The Benefits Of Being A Student Brand Ambassador

Based on our experience and what students have to say, here are the top five reasons for becoming a brand ambassador.

#1 An Impressive Resume.

Does building your portfolio stress you out? Are you freaked out about how your skills compare in an increasingly competitive market? 

As a brand ambassador, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills that employers are begging for. While a college or university degree is usually required, more impressive these days are the soft skills that make someone unique. Think about it this way: What can you contribute to a company that isn’t offered in a Udemy course? 

Landing a gig as a brand ambassador puts you on the threshold of a life-changing, skill-building, professional frontier. 

#2 Awesome Networking Opportunities.

As a brand ambassador, you’ll become more adept at communicating with business partners, professors, and other stakeholders. That can be exciting for some, intimidating for others. Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, there’s no denying that putting yourself out there is a massive opportunity for personal and professional growth. 

You essentially become the face of a brand, which has tons of perks for building relationships with people. You’ll make ins with professors, rub noses with potential future employers, and connect with other students. They’ll see you as the go-to person for questions, concerns, and feedback, so your role becomes far more social than any job spent behind a desk. 

Research is vital. You’ll need to know the product you’re representing from every angle, and that requires talking to people as much as possible as a matter of gaining a broad spectrum of insight and experience.

#3 Become A Leader.

Being a brand ambassador is a fairly autonomous role. While leadership skills show up in the vast networking opportunities it presents, you also learn how to manage the role itself. Although there may be a job description and a series of tasks you’re expected to follow, a big part of the role requires initiative and creativity. How are you going to showcase the brand? How will you impress stakeholders and show them that a particular product or service is going to change the way they learn, teach, or do business? Such a task requires tuning into your inner resourcefulness: your intelligence, past experiences, and insight to draw conclusions about what direction to take. 

#4 Enhance Your Education.

Learn and get paid? It truly is the best of both worlds. Being a brand ambassador sets the stage for future employment opportunities, but don’t forget that it can also make your university education far more elastic. That is, you’ll establish some intimacy working for an international company, which offers an exceptional opportunity to apply concepts that may otherwise remain within the esoteric realm of knowledge (read: unusable in a practical context).  

Many companies too prefer to hire someone from within because that person has an experienced understanding of how the business functions. Being a brand ambassador is a choice opportunity to showcase yourself as a knowledgeable, hard-working, trusted team member.

#5 Receive Prizes & Incentives.

If those previous four benefits aren’t rewards in themselves, then think material rewards. Being privy to some fascinating new developments. Having the opportunity to use groundbreaking technology. Having access to insights not shared with people outside the company. Getting all kinds of cool merch (who doesn’t love merch?!). The sky's the limit of your imagination here. It all depends on where you land.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Being A Student Brand Ambassador?

We’d be pulling the wool over your eyes if we claimed that such a role had no downsides. But such faults really depend on how you look at them. Sometimes benefits masquerade as drawbacks and you only really discover this once you’re settled into the role. Then, you find out, rather delightfully, that what you thought was going to be a drag offers you an exciting challenge.

But just to make things clear, let’s take a look at an example. 

One of the main drawbacks brand ambassadors report is the level of responsibility required. The reality is that every situation is different. How much time you’re willing to devote to your role is ultimately up to you (so it’s actually a benefit). The more time invested, the more you learn, the more contacts you make, the more skilled you become. See a theme emerging here? In this case, more is actually better. You get out of it what you put in, and if entrepreneurship is on your horizon, this is a fundamental realization.

Are You Ready To Embark On The Professional Experience Of A Lifetime?

Flexible hours, networking, future job opportunities, and industry insight are just a few of the many reasons why you’ll want to jump on a chance to become a student brand ambassador. Whether it’s for an education brand like TELANTO, or another company, you’ll develop skills and acquire connections you simply can’t get from a standard university education. 

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a brand ambassador for TELANTO, check out our About Page to get acquainted with us, then get in touch.

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About the Author

Colleen Thornton is a copywriter with expertise in research and higher education. She holds a Masters degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, where she participated in several collaborative large-scale research projects in education. Her Master thesis, which investigated educators’ perspectives on inclusive education environments, was nominated for a prestigious award and later published in a Taylor & Francis academic journal. Colleen is a former lecturer, supervisor, and mentor for undergraduate students, and she’s inspired by Telanto’s innovative approach to uniting students with real-world business.

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