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TELANTO Starts Its Ph.D. Program

Digital action learning is an essential contributor to research and the successful future of higher education. Singular encounters with specific industry problems through open innovation are a critical part of challenge-based education, experiential learning, and student engagement in real-life business. But digital action learning is far more than that. It extends to longer-term commitments and collaboration between education and industry to delve more deeply into the issues of our age. 

That’s where Telanto is highly competitive in its market. We pursue long-term partnerships with universities and industry leaders to construct authentic enterprising collaboration devoted to real rather than hypothetical issues. We’re the intermediary that connects three seemingly separate spheres of knowledge and fills in the gaps. 

How Do We Close The Knowledge Gap?

Besides the powerful platform of our innovative SaaS technology and subscription-based model to support university and industry collaboration, we created a new program that supports doctoral leadership, research, and industry innovation.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the International University of Catalunya (UIC) and their Ph.D. program. Our collaborative relationship sprung from the Doctorats Industrials program and Telanto’s commitment to uniting higher education with industry in the interests of bridging the knowledge gap

What better time to kick off our collaboration with UIC than at the start of a new decade? Eva Bozilovic, will be the first Ph.D. candidate to pioneer Telanto’s newly created program under the government program Doctorats Industrials. Eva is conducting her research about the impact of Digital Action Learning Methodologies (DALM) and has an active role in coaching academics about how to integrate action learning methodologies and real-world company challenges into course syllabus.

What is Doctorats Industrials?

The Doctorats Industrials (DI) plan is a multidimensional initiative of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Government of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Catalan university and research system. It is supported by a community of stakeholders, namely, companies, universities, research centers, and doctoral students. 

Its pilot plan launched in 2012 in response to challenges surrounding social and economic development in Catalonia, specifically the transfer of knowledge to practice and technology to application. With increased competitiveness and internationalization of business, Catalan industry must expand and increase its strength to position itself as an equal player in the global market. They require the right tools for recruiting talent and placing Ph.D. candidates in the right areas for carrying out RDI projects.

What does that look like in practice? 

Doctoral students perform their dissertation research within a company or institution, under the guidance of and in collaboration with a university or research center. Through their research activities, the Ph.D. candidate acts as a catalyst for knowledge transfer and application, encouraging greater collaboration between higher education, research, and industry.  

Program Benefits

The initiative, now a full-blown success, is a win for everyone involved:

Businesses increase their competitive advantage, which, as more companies participate, spills over into industry strength and innovation. 

Universities and research centers have the benefit of knowledge and technology transfer through enhanced collaboration with industry representatives and involvement in application. 

Students get a robust, hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base in their chosen field in a meaningful and pragmatic way.

Aiming to support the development of 75 new projects, DI has exceeded its starting goal. In the six years since its inception, 349 different companies and institutions have funded 513 projects. The RDI investment from various sources in both public and private sectors has reached € 69 million, with two-thirds of that supplied by the private sector.

 As a rapidly growing start-up company, we are immensely proud to engage an active partnership with this government project. Learn more about DI here.

An Open-Call To Universities

We are inviting academic advisors and their Ph.D. candidates to partner with Telanto under the umbrella of DI. This is an excellent opportunity for professional students to engage in research that unites theory with industry-applicable practice and positions future doctorates in influential positions. The future of higher education, particularly at the Ph.D. level, requires digital action learning that promotes higher quality, relevant research to make this happen. 

View the list of current projects under DI, and contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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About the Author

Christian is the visionary and innovation leader behind TELANTO spearheading the design of TELANTO’s market leading Academic Business Cloud solutions. I founded TELANTO after identifying a growing need amongst universities to switch their conventional teaching practices towards digital action learning and allowing organisations instant access to a global talent pool of students to leverage remarkably new ways of Open Innovation, Employer Branding and Recruiting Practices.

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