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Employer Branding

Undoubtedly, "employer branding" is a trending topic and one of the most looked at areas in Human Resources Management. It is on everyone's mind, from the HR professional who has been practicing it for decades to recent graduates looking for employment.

Exhibit: Google Trends “Employer Branding” over 12 months

Why has this concept gained so much traction in recent years? What are the best practices companies are successfully deploying today to have a meaningful employer branding? Next we will address these issues.

What is "employer branding" or  the "employer brand"?

Employer branding is the overall image that a company transmits as an employer. It refers not only to the reputation achieved by current employees, but also to potential candidates.

Why is this concept so important? Firstly, because candidates are better informed than ever. They have a wider range of information (social networks, blogs, forums and career portals) that they use before they decide to sign the employment contract. Secondly, today’s talent market is extremely competitive, especially for specific profiles such as IT or data science.

Exhibit #2: One of the four elements most valued by top talent (McKinsey & Company 2012)

The sum of these two factors shows that companies with better employer branding end up being those that hire the best possible candidates.

Tips for extraordinary employer branding


The construction of a good employer brand never happens over night. It requires the involvement of many people, so it is essential that HR dedicates efforts to define and coordinate this strategy with priority.

For candidates to fall in love with your company, large amounts of transparency and authenticity are necessary. Being transparent will help potential candidates to understand and associate with the company culture and have an idea about what they will find in their day to day.

However, be careful what you share because it is useless if it is not true. Authenticity allows you to meet expectations. Remember that the last thing you want is to attract candidates which increase your turnover rates, i.e. leaving after a short period of time discovering that what was "sold" is not true, as described or not attractive.

Have a look at some of the HR / Employer Branding challenges Fortune 500, SMEs and Start-ups are sharing on TELANTO, seeking solutions.


To design your unique employer branding strategy it is key to take into account how your employees, collaborators and even going thus far as suppliers value you your company. They are the ones who know the company from the inside and can help you draw conclusions about aspects such as:

- The current degree of satisfaction

- What is more / less valued by the company?

- What can the company provide them so that they feel more at ease?

This exercise can be very beneficial. It is useful to align the incentive policy with employees, detect points of improvement, understand the demands of the profiles you are looking for, and better communicate your value proposition and company DNA


There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and your employer branding. In other words, if your workers are across the board satisfied, communicating a positive employer brand is much easier and realistic.

One of the most decisive phases in generating strong commitment with the company is your onboarding process. There are a number of available HR or Talent Management systems to streamline and trim your on-boarding process to become more efficient and effective.


However, the effort should not end here. Your employees need to be taken care of day-by-day. Allowing them to become ambassadors of your company is an important part of the equation. Today we are seeing a growing number of employees turning challenge sponsors allowing students to collaborate on their day-to-day challenges. Through these collaborations they raise the profile of your company by sharing authentic content and a helping hand when it comes to motivate, educate and innovate in global classrooms.


Employer branding is everyone's business. Anyone who works in your company can and should act as your brand ambassador.

In addition, the best way to go viral with your message is through the collaboration of the entire team or workforce. Special mention for challenge sponsors. They will be the ones who will channel your message and create content through student collaborations across an entirely new digital Academic Business Network..

Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to share everything that makes your company special: vision, mission, events, anecdotes, benefit and your real-world company challenges.


Usually teams that are international and diverse in nature often start with a competitive  advantage when it comes to attracting talent. 

Diversity is today’s metaphor for openness and new ideas. This is highly valued, especially among the younger age groups or millenials. In addition, companies with a diverse workforce correlate with excellence in their onboarding process, which tends to generate a more open and welcoming working environment. 

If you wish to recruit graduates, try to hire after you have engaged collaboratively on a role specific challenge. This is our top tip that we experienced and label internally as challenge-based recruiting practice.


A high-quality employment web page and efficient internal recruiting processes are essential to attract and receive resumes from candidates who are in love with the values ​​of your company.

This should be a space where the advantages of working in the company are highlighted, candidates can see the current vacancies and apply to join if the company needs to hire.

To have an exemplary web page, remember that with the rise of mobile devices, it is highly recommended to have a design designed for a good "mobile" experience.

Putting some of these tips into practice, we are sure that your employer branding will shine soon in a different light. By the way, if you want more tips to attract and select quality candidates, do not miss our free challenge audit to recruit extraordinary talent with a simple yet effective challenge-based recruiting practice.

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