Optimisation of transport network and delivery schedule

The challenge

With a specific need to optimise the transportation network to increase speed and reduce cost, Duvenbeck was looking to identify new approaches to an recurringly arising challenge with a clear impact on bottom line results and customer satisfaction. Additional considerations to lower carbon impact through better utilisation of available freight space as well as the optimisation of an integrated data flow between enterprise resource planning systems, went into the overall challenge description.

Re-framing the challenge

With a great deal of interest we had the chance to team up the challenge with the Northeastern University of Boston as well as the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) in Olten, Switzerland. The master students from Boston had a clear business focus on logistics and optimisation of the transportation network, while the student body from Olten added a more technical and computer science component, resulting into slightly re-framed challenge objectives within the overall scope of the original challenge.

Making it work

After an initial Kick-Off presentation and over the course of a 10 and 15 week (in Boston and Olten respectively) period, students collaborated intensively with the challenge sponsor from Duvenbeck. Leveraging the virtual collaboration space provided by TELANTO as well as regularly speaking during conference calls. Instead of working in a black box, objectives, timelines, deliverables and final outputs were clear to all stakeholders all the way.

Solution proposals

Northeastern (US) students, supervised by Paul Tagliamonte, Executive Professor and connoisseur of the automotive logistics industry have delivered a solution approach with clear value and potential impact in Duvenbeck’s future transportation network operation. The students from FHNW (CH), supervised by Thomas Hanne, Professor of Information System had the opportunity to research and analysis an optimised procedure for data management and providing as well an additional value to Duvenbeck. Both solution proposals from the teams in the States and Switzerland are now transferred into the operations and systems department, where they are currently reviewed for implementation.

“TELANTO is a very innovative way of getting my challenges solved in a fraction of time and financial resources. Not to mention the impact on Employer Branding to an international cohort of students.”

Jan Hiller

Head of Customer Service and Material Planning Department

The learnings

Future challenges from Duvenbeck will probably more likely be handled directly by the specific department in order to increase the flow of information and communication, which this collaboration with students calls for. Furthermore it was an eye-opener to understand the impact students could provide in a very short time-frame as well as create an intimate employer brand for potential future employees globally and at the company’s doorstep.


About Duvenbeck

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