Studying for a degree in logistics, supply chain and operations allows students to develop a broad understanding to manage and coordinate the day-to-day movement of raw materials and other resources throughout a business or an organization. They study everything from purchasing and shipping to budgets, inventory control, and quality control
Logistics & Transportation

Professionals in logistics & transportation roles produce, obtain and distribute products and goods to the right place in the appropriate quantities. With the support of all type of emerging technologies the process of planning, controlling and implementing procedures for the effective and efficient storage and transportation of goods still bares a lot challenges today.

Closed-loop supply chain & Remanufacturing

The importance of remanufacturing used products into new ones has been widely recognised in many different industries around the globe. Today, companies are facing the challenge of choosing the appropriate reverse channel structure for the collection of used products from customers.

Forecast - Demand - Inventory

Ever evolving digital consumer channels are making informed predictions about order placements more and complex and demanding. Using advanced forecasting models can help ensure optimal inventory control and impact on a company’s bottom-line.

Supply Chain Management

Globalisation has increased complexity to streamline supply chain management activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Today’s organisational challenges continue to develop and implement supply chains that are as efficient and economical as possible.

Operations & Plant simulation

Whether companies run or plan a pilot or a complex plant today, these highly distributed and interconnected ecosystems of facilities rarely run like well-oiled machines. There are always unknown variables that are difficult to operationalise or predict and there is always room for efficiencies.

Supplier Networks

Supplier Network technologies can support many organisations to get better value from suppliers by reducing transaction costs translating into important savings. Streamlining supplier communications and networking is is a critical successfactor More often than not, the when creating more collaborative and efficient relationships with key suppliers.