I huge leap forward in the progression of TELANTO. The TELANTO platform is now available, at a subsidized price, for all those who partner with SAP. It feels as if we have come full circle; after working at SAP for so many years and then becoming a part of a their Partner Benefits Catalogue makes us incredibly proud of TELANTO’s progress. This step forward solidifies TELANTO’s market validation and promises strong growth. We looked forward to the opportunities presented by SAP.

It is important to us that we build a trustworthy community that promotes innovation and we are proud to say we have achieved this. Thank you for the support and we look forward to the future of innovation.

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Hey, I’m Christian. Alongside a super talented team I am on the mission to disrupt university-business collaborations with TELANTO’s Academic Business Network.

About Christian

Christian is the visionary and innovation leader behind TELANTO spearheading the design of TELANTO’s market leading Academic Business Cloud solutions. I founded TELANTO after identifying a growing need amongst universities to switch their conventional teaching practices towards digital action learning and allowing organisations instant access to a global talent pool of students to leverage remarkably new ways of Open Innovation, Employer Branding and Recruiting Practices.

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