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Incorporate challenges that fit your course's learning objectives from the TELANTO marketplace


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Why work with industry partners?

Experiential aka Action Learning is a proven and established methodology (by Reg Revans, University of Manchester) educating students across a broad variety of faculties to put knowledge and skills into practice by solving real industry challenges as part of their course syllabus by responding to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

During these experiential learning sessions, students solve real problems and acquire transversal skills such as: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills. It creates a dynamic, creative collaboration between students, scientists and company representatives.

How do I include TELANTO challenges into my course?

You as the professor are the cornerstone of designing the inclusion of industry challenges in your project-oriented course. In your Call for Challenges you define a number of relevant aspects, such as:

  • Learning objectives for the students and potential outcomes at the end of the collaboration period
  • Methodologies introduced into the course to help students cope with the resolution of the challenge
  • How long you want the teams of students to work on the collaboration with the industry partner
  • How large the teams are and how many industry partners and respective challenges you invite into the course

Selected challenges from the TELANTO marketplace

Our Academic Support

Whether you are new to Experiential Learning or doing it for a while, you will appreciate the support from our team providing valuable insights and interaction in light of your students' experience and adopted collaboration methodology. We specifically facilitate:


Definition of an attractive, industry-relevant Call for Challenges


Proposition of challenges (from TELANTO marketplace) with high propensity to match and moderation of the challenge finetuning


Introduction of a proven and validated collaboration playbook


Preparation of the industry representative to be/come a reliable engagement partner for you as well as for the students

Head of Challenge Coaching & CEO

Christian is the visionary and innovation leader behind TELANTO spearheading the design of TELANTO’s market leading Academic Business Cloud solutions and is overseeing the strategic direction of TELANTO and playing a hands-on role in bringing innovative products to market. He is instrumental in ensuring that TELANTO’s solution and service portfolio maintains its cutting-edge status in the fast-growing EdTech and HCM industry.

A simple process for experiential learning engagements

What Professors Have to Say

We have a vast network of university and professor partners taking advantage of TELANTOs Academic Business Network and its industry challenge sponsors

Paul Tagliamonte, PhD
Executive Professor
at Northeastern University

This semester is going very well - two teams, two fine companies to support, and two fine sponsors. I am thrilled. Students continue to APPRECIATE this very real experience too. Honestly, zero issues or concerns.

Julia Backmann, PhD
Assistant Professor
at University College Dublin

After publishing my first Call for Challenge with TELANTO, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response to pair my course with high-quality industry challenges from reputable companies based in different European countries.

Antero Kutvonen, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher
at LUT University

I have already collaborated with TELANTO in more than 4 courses and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the challenges and respective challenge sponosors.

Experiential Learning Course Examples
Advanced Problems in Supply Chain Management

Provide you with insights into specific problems managers in supply chain management face, and to explore their approaches to problem solving

Global Leadership Challenge

How to lead and collaborate with people and how to manage people related issues in an international context. The successes and limitations of different leadership concepts and tasks and their applicability to multinational contexts.

Open Innovation Management Challenge

Students of a diverse and highly international background bring their knowledge and skills in analyzing and implementing open innovation (OI) in its various forms to tackle the challenges that companies face in opening their innovation processes

The Academic Business Network platform

Browse the TELANTO marketplace to pick and choose the challenges of your liking


Compose the student teams (e.g. based on their preferences) and supervise the collaboration to a fruitful learning experience


Evaluate learning objectives as well as transversal competencies demonstrated while collaborating as a team with an industry representative

Have your students earn a university-industry collaboration certificate

Experiential learning is a great way to develop transversal competencies and also to demonstrate skills and capabilities in collaboration with an industry representative.

That is why at the end of every collaboration the professor and the industry representative evaluate the outcome and the shown competencies, resulting in a joint certificate for every individual student.

Students are continuously looking to differentiate from the crowd of fellow learners and to add credibility to a typically short CV.

With the certificate showing competencies and endorsements students are now equipped with a real asset next to their degree to land their dream job.

How do I start?

Download the brochure and get in contact with us to discuss your options to start your experiential learning engagement with us in the question of days (we are ready if you are)

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