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Experiential Learning is a proven and established methodology educating students across a broad variety of faculties to put knowledge and skills into practice by solving real company projects as part of their course syllabus by responding to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

During these experiential learning sessions, students solve real problems and acquire transversal skills such as: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills. It creates a dynamic, creative collaboration between students, scientists and company representatives.

Reasons to Engage

TELANTO's Academic Business Network supports universities to use a more contemporary learning methodology in a simple and efficient fashion that allows all students to require critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication. To answer a company challenge and create high-quality work, students need to do much more than remember information. They need to use higher-order thinking skills and learn to work as a team in a virtual format.

  • Provide students with a digital collaboration opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge
  • Increase your student's employability through validated competencies by industry partners (certification)
  • Have teams of students contribute to real problems for small, large and non-profit organisations
  • We help challenge sponsors to be the best sparring partner for your teams of students by providing coaching services in a methodological manner
  • Extend existing industry engagements into new verticals and geographies
  • Engagement Process

    Bring university industry collaborations to life

    We coach academics, leaders and student teams to co-create collaborative, meaningful solutions that drive personal, professional, and organisational growth. Digitising the university and industry intersection, helps academics and leaders to be more conscious in their collaboration – and helps student teams to interact more authentically in ways that enhance skills, trust, aliveness, collective problem-solving, and aligned action. We combine extensive experience of successful digital transformation with a deep knowledge of university industry collaborations. By addressing both we implement real, sustainable changes that impact multiple walks of life.

    Our Academic Support

    Whether you are new to Experiential Learning or doing it for a while, you will appreciate the support from our team providing valuable insights and interaction in light of your students' experience and adopted collaboration methodology

    Head of Challenge Coaching & CEO

    Christian is the visionary and innovation leader behind TELANTO spearheading the design of TELANTO’s market leading Academic Business Cloud solutions and is overseeing the strategic direction of TELANTO and playing a hands-on role in bringing innovative products to market. He is instrumental in ensuring that TELANTO’s solution and service portfolio maintains its cutting-edge status in the fast-growing EdTech and HCM industry.

    EVA BOZILOVIC, PhD Candidate
    Collaboration Coaching & Researcher

    Eva joined TELANTO as an Industrial PhD candidate through the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). Eva is conducting her research about the impact of Digital Action Learning Methodologies (DALM) and is playing a hands-on role coaching academics on how to best integrate action learning methodologies and real-world company challenges into course syllabus.

    What Professors Have to Say

    We have a vast network of university and professor partners taking advantage of TELANTOs Academic Business Network and its industry challenge sponsors

    Paul Tagliamonte, PhD
    Executive Professor
    at Northeastern University

    This semester is going very well - two teams, two fine companies to support, and two fine sponsors. I am thrilled. Students continue to APPRECIATE this very real experience too. Honestly, zero issues or concerns. The challenges are in the right space given our academic program and everyone is very happy with the results.

    Advanced Problems in Supply Chain Management

    Provide you with insights into specific problems managers in supply chain management face, and to explore their approaches to problem solving

    Julia Backmann, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    at University College Dublin

    I am very surprised with the quality of the challenges and respective challenge sponsors that were presented to me in a very short period of time after I have published my first Call For Challenges with TELANTO.

    Global Leadership Challenge

    How to lead and collaborate with people and how to manage people related issues in an international context. The successes and limitations of different leadership concepts and tasks and their applicability to multinational contexts.

    Antero Kutvonen, PhD
    Post-Doctoral Researcher
    at LUT University

    I have already collaborated with TELANTO in more than 4 courses and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the challenges and respective challenge sponosors.

    Open Innovation Management Challenge

    Students of a diverse and highly international background bring their knowledge and skills in analyzing and implementing open innovation (OI) in its various forms to tackle the challenges that companies face in opening their innovation processes

    Have your students earn a university-industry collaboration certificate

    Experiential learning is a great way to develop transversal competencies and also to demonstrate skills and capabilities in collaboration with an industry representative.

    That is why at the end of every collaboration the professor and the industry representative evaluate the outcome and the shown competencies, resulting in a joint certificate for every individual student.

    Students are continuously looking to differentiate from the crowd of fellow learners and to add credibility to a typically short CV.

    With the certificate showing competencies and endorsements students are now equipped with a real asset next to their degree to land their dream job.

    How do I start?

    Download the brochure and get in contact with us to discuss your options to start your experiential learning engagement with us in the question of days (we are ready if you are)

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    Enseñamos a académicos, líderes y equipos académicos a co-crear soluciones colaborativas y con significado, las cuales originan crecimiento personal, profesional y organizacional. Digilaliar la intersección entre academia e industria ayuda a académicos y líderes a ser más conscientes en su colaboración - y ayuda a los equipos de estudiantes a interactuar de manera más auténtica, potenciando habilidades, confianza, vitalidad, resolución conjunta de problemas y acciones alineadas. Combinamos una notable experiencia en procesos de transformación digital exitosos con un profundo conocimiento de las colaboraciones entre empresas y universidades. Centrándonos en ambas partes, implementamos cambios reales y sostenibles, que repercuten de forma positiva en muchos estilos de vida.