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Govern individual & university-wide industry engagements in problem-based learning projects, foster competency-build and student employability.

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To increase learning experiences

  • Problem-based learning
  • Institutional experiental learning management
  • Competency building and employability
  • Student admission and attraction
  • Alumni retention

Enable individual or institutional problem-based learning projects and stay current on higher education trends

Attract top students looking for industry initimacy and applied competency development

Individual problem-based learning projects

Ad-hoc inclusion of problem-based learning projects of individual professors within a faculty or university to extend the learning experience of students, working with industry partners (challenge sponsors) and real challenges

Institutionalized experiential learning management

Strategic facilitation of problem-based or experiential learning opportunities, systems and processes on a faculty or university level to drive learning innovation and intimacy with industry partners nearby or on a global scale.

Competency-build and employability

Problem-based learning, experiential learning or (digital) action learning - all synomyms) develop transversal skill- and competency sets with engaged learners and significantly increases employability through higher readiness of students and through facilitation of relationships with hiring managers in the industry

Student admissions and attraction

Top universities differentiate from others by providing a quick and secured school-to-work transition at graduation (or even before) through strong industry ties and applied learning methodologies. All very relevant aspects for the decision-making of young learners when selecting the place to study.

Alumni retention programs

Industry engagement through the inclusion of alumni networks, converting a passive crowd to have an active role in the competency development of the next generation of students.

Academic Administrator

Oversees the university's (or faculty's) activity for problem-based learning with industry, manages professor, coach and student users on the platform as well as uses dashboards to visualize overall engagement of all engaged parties including industry

Call for Challenge Sponsor

Manages his/her academic programs and invites industry challenge sponsors to submit relevant challenges to respective Call for Challenges. Consults the Challenge marketplace to choose suitable challenges for collaboration with student teams

Coach / Digital Mentor

By invitation of the professor, the coaches are assigned to all or a subset of groups to have a close follow up and support network, ensuring methodology adoption and learning objectives are met in a closely attended fashion

Industry Engagement

Manages challenge repository and consults the Call for Challenges marketplace to find suitable  collaboration opportunities and submits requests to professors looking for industry learning partners.


Work in teams on assigned/preferred challenges over a determined period of time with professor (and coach) supervision in collaboration with industry challenge sponsors to develop relevant solution proposals meeting learning objectives

Problem-based learning is a key driver for competency-build of post- /graduate students anywhere in the world

Higher education continues to transform into more applied competency development, digital collaboration and inclusion of external development partners


Students are looking to gain competencies in a flexible and industry-relevant fashion. Engaging with industry along their studies is a key contributor of learning experience, quick introduction into the workforce and important aspect for university selection.


Professors continue to leverage problem-based learning throughout the entire world and look for high-quality, readily available challenges and commited challengesponsors from industry for incorporation into their academic programs in a simple and fast fashion.


Attracting and develop highly sought-after and employable graduates is the goal of most universities. Driving learning innovation into the classroom to stay relevant in an ever more competing higher education environment is crucial to improve and defend university rankings and reputation.

Education Innovators

Innovation in Higher Education has become an important role in basically any academic institution, wanting to stay current on competency development methodologies and to remain attractive for students deciding on their education with ever more information and aspiration to obtain a relevant skill set.