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How it

Create and manage challenge-based learning programs in a structured, simple and digital fashion on the Academic Business Network. Call for industry challenges, select most suitable challenges and assign student teams based on their preferences. Easily oversee teams progress and stay in touch with industry partners for collaboration and final evaluation.


Provide a Call for Challenges

Academic course supervisors (typically a professor) drives the challenge collaboration from the academic side. By providing information about upcoming programs for challenge based collaboration you allow potential industry partners to put real-world challenge forward for admission in respective programs. Student competencies, time frame and potential solution proposals and other factors may play a role for your final selection

Industry challenge collaborations

Our industry partners provide so-called “call for solutions” to identify potential collaboration opportunities with universities within the Academic Business Network. Academic supervisors are invited to review those call for solutions in addition to receiving specifically tailored challenges for their upcoming challenge-based program



Our academic partners from Business Schools, Institutes of Technology, Universities and Universities of applied sciences are the cornerstone of the Academic Business Network. With the desire to enrich the student learning experience, through practical real-world industry challenges in almost all fields of study, professors and academic supervisors invite industry partners to share their current operational and strategic challenges