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How it

Create and submit industry challenges in a structured fashion on the Academic Business Network. Oversee all on-going challenge collaborations with universities anywhere on the globe, check the progress, supervise student and keep connected with professors. Furthermore find communication threads, documents, solution proposals and evaluated student competencies in  a single spot.

Become a challenge sponsor

Challenge sponsors drive the challenge collaborations from the industry partners side. By publishing real-world challenges you are making tangible impacts through innovative solution proposals. You will be collaborating typically 90 days with a team of normally 5 students while they come up with a real solutions as part of their course syllabus.

Upcoming collaboration opportunities

Our academic partners provide so-called “call for challenges”, which offer the opportunity to collaborate with one or several degree programs on specific topics from most fields of study. Select the upcoming collaboration opportunities which best fit to the objectives and contents of your challenges to get desired solution proposals.

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Challenge sponsors from our industry partners come from a great variety of verticals and lines of business. Challenge types and topics range from continuous improvement to breakthrough innovation in management, marketing, finance, human resources, sustainability, logistics – supply chain and operations, data science, computer science and engineering. Some of our partners share their experience in the following success stories