We're a team that adores what we do

  • Yamila Tudela

    Yamila Tudela

    Yamila, with more than 15 years of professional work experience in general business administration roles, working for various firms, such as Fraport amongst others. She studies computer science in the University of La Plata, Argentina and Frankfurt, Germany.

    Christian Acosta-Flamma

    Christian Acosta-Flamma

    Christian Acosta-Flamma has been until recently Vice-President of SAP, responsible among others to solution management HCM and mobile enterprise. He holds a Ph.D. from ESADE (Ramon Llull University) and has recently joined the future of Work Unit at ESADE as Visiting Professor. Christian is an International leader with a passion for technology, talents and innovation. He is a forward thinker with a strong understanding of cloud & mobile computing and its business benefits.

    Timo Kerzel

    Timo Kerzel

    Timo Kerzel counts on a +15 year track record in global marketing, business development and business operations in various companies including SAP. He holds Business Administration Degrees from IESE Business School, Barcelona and the School of Management & Innovation (Steinbeis) in Berlin. Furthermore certified as a Design Thinking Coach from HPI in Potsdam, Timo is passionate about customer and user centric solutions, creating true value for TELANTO's Academic Business Network Community.

  • Auxi Castro

    Auxi Castro

    Auxi has over 15 years of experience in the programming area. She is passionate about capturing ideas and turn these into useful tools for people to create, interact and work with.

    Ismael Mendieta

    Ismael Mendieta

    Happy and proud to work with this team of talented individuals who decide to switch the words "hard work" by "enjoy producing". Instead of searching for "who´s fault is it" when an issue arises, we all work together to solve it, compensating each weaknesses with support by the rest to overcome these, trading pressure by commitment.

    Jordi Castillo

    Jordi Castillo

    Measure, observe, improve… if we cultivate a love of learning through the design process we will be able to make ideas happen. I'm Jordi Castillo, I'm a experienced UX Designer, and currently member of a team that inspires me to dream, to learn and to grow as a professional. That's why I'm proud to work at Telanto.

  • Julio Raimondi

    Julio Raimondi

    Julio is passionate and curious about participating in the development of exciting new technological projects, Telanto not only offers a higly innovative idea, but also the opportunity to work with a very diverse, highly motivated and skilled team, and the challenge to learn and apply the latest technologies on a daily basis.

    Diego Zavaleta

    Diego Zavaleta

    Driven by ambitious thoughts and goals, in continous learning and growth. Always willing to take new challenges in the personal and professional scopes. Being part of the Telanto team has been one of my best experiences, thanks to a highly dynamic team, sharing the same passion, and always eager to help and improve on a daily basis.


Mark Winkelmann

Mark is managing partner of ITA Consulting GmbH and CEO of ITA Shipping GmbH in Hamburg. Board Advisor since July 2015

Christof Damian

Christof Damian is Technical Director at Devex in Barcelona. Board Advisor since July 2015.

Tobias Schönfeld

Tobias Schonfeld is admitted lawyer in Germany and Spain for civil, commercial and tax law residing in Barcelona. Board Advisor since February 2016.


Simon L. Dolan

Prof., dept. of People Management & Organisation, ESADE. Director Future of Work Chair. Ph.Dm Univ. of Minnesota. Published over 66 books for business and the academia. Paradigm breaker and highly solicited speaker on issues of work in tomorrowland, culture reengineering or new leadership.


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